“All I can say is – wow.”

All I can say is – wow. Tricia spent two days on a garage organization project for us. And when I walked into the garage after it was all done, all I could think was that it looked like it did when we had just moved into the house a long, long time ago. We could see everything that we had (including many things we didn’t realize that we had), and everything was neatly sorted, displayed, and yes, organized! Thank you, Tricia!

Saratoga Springs

“Tricia’s process was clear, practical, and thorough.”

Tricia’s process was clear, practical, and thorough. She started out with an introduction of what we could expect and provided forms and checklists that gave us an overview of her process. Every step of the way, we felt like Tricia took the time to get to know how we use our space and what we want to do with it. She was also methodical with helping us rehome or toss unneeded items while respecting the sentimentality we have for some of the items we couldn’t part with. She is also extremely trustworthy; I had no qualms about having her sort through my possessions. I’m happy to recommend her to anyone who needs a room or an entire house reorganized.

Saratoga Springs

“We were running out of space…”

We felt as though we were running out of space in our garage and couldn’t find things when we wanted them. About a month ago, we hired Tricia to organize our garage. In doing so, she really helped us identify items that could be donated or thrown away. More importantly, we now know where things should be stored, and we spend so much less time looking for things. We’ve already seen a return on our investment just in the time we’ve saved not rummaging through a mess of a garage. Also, Tricia was amazing in helping the two of us find common ground on where certain things truly belong.

Saratoga Springs

“Looks amazing!”

We hired Tricia to organize the kitchen in our new house 3 days prior to Thanksgiving. She completely transformed the kitchen and pantry by maximizing efficiency, and it also looks amazing! She was a delight to work with and helped us to realize we didn’t need a lot of items we held on to for years. I would love for Tricia to come back for the whole house!

Saratoga Springs

“I will be hiring her again.”

I hired Tricia to organize my garage. She came over for a consultation first where we came up with a game plan. Within a short time I added other spaces for her to tackle. She ended up organizing two garage spaces, a storage closet and some outdoor cabinets. The work went quickly and efficiently. Of the most crucial importance she deftly and expertly managed my husband’s attempts to intercede in the process. Tricia worked beautifully to help both my husband and myself decide what to keep, what to donate and what to discard. The end result is a wonderfully organized garage with lots of available space, and a clean and well organized storage closet. One of the garages also has a handyman storage area which is now clearly and cleanly organized for tools, supplies, etc. I highly recommend Tricia for all of your organizing needs and I will be hiring her again for other areas.

Delray Beach