Meet Tricia

To quote John Green, Tricia became a Professional Organizer the same way people fall in love: “slowly, and then all at once.”  Tricia has been organizing her entire life. First as a mom of a rambunctious and wonderful son. Then as a professional in Asset Protection, looking for details others might miss. Then as an Executive Assistant, ensuring the offices of the Site Director were organized efficiently and productively. Then as a Human Resources Manager, ensuring any policy or any document needed from any of hundreds of employee files could be located in the blink of an eye. Her friends and family were amazed at her ability to organize her home and work for years, and started asking her to work her magic in their lives, and that’s when the “all at once” happened. Tricia has organized houses, offices, rooms, garages, attics, basements—you name it.  She is a member of the National Organization of Productivity and Organizing Professionals.  Bringing organization to people’s homes and lives gives her great joy.  And as her (previously disorganized) husband Mike says, “if she can get me to be organized, she can get anyone to be organized!”